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I work with you to help you create, manage and grow your own website, never again to be lost not knowing how to get your caring message into the world. You get personal support every step of the way!

Here are the Master Classes currently being offered:


Get Ultimate Coach

Designed for coaches who want to inspire their clients with a professional, gorgeous and easy-to-understand website. Optimized to facilitate email sign-ups and course registration. Join today!

Get Gentle Coach

Designed for coaches who want to inspire their clients with a professional, gorgeous and easy-to-understand website. Optimized to facilitate email sign-ups and course registration. Join today!

Get Bold Coach

Designed for coaches who want to inspire their clients with a professional, gorgeous and easy-to-understand website. Optimized to facilitate email sign-ups and course registration. Join today!

You Will Create A Top Quality Website, Customized With Your Logo, Content and Colors Even If You Haven’t Worked On A Website Before!

Explore the full range of features of your new site!

Created In WordPress

WordPress powers over 30% of the world’s websites for a reason. WordPress is versatile, powerful and well-suited for business applications.

High Quality Theme

Your website will be founded on Divi, Elegant Themes most powerful and user-friendly page builder. You’ll learn how to build in no time!

Responsive Design

Your website will work on all devices and on all sizes perfectly, from desktops to phones. You can customize the user experience!

Custom Look and Feel

Your custom theme provides you with a starting point, saving time and thousands of dollars in creating so-called “unique” website designs.



Contact forms, calendars, statistics, SEO, client contracts, back-up solutions and so much more – what you need to run your business online!


Pages + Blog

Your website will be off to a solid start with lots of pages ready for you to complete and blog content to attract your audience in natural search.

Change Stuff

You’ll learn how to choose colors, create your own logo and images without spending hundreds or thousands in custom design work.


Everything about your theme is geared to putting you in the driver’s seat, empowering you to take the wheel, set the destination and GO!

Tell me more!

What is the Create Your Website Master Class? The Master Class is a high-quality template, live one-on-one coaching, group coaching and a series of comprehensive video tutorials to get you to your goal – your own website, the ability to edit it yourself with powerful tools to grow your business!

How long does the Master Class take?
The Create Your Website Master Class is designed to take 6 weeks. During that time, we have live group sessions and customized one on one sessions to work on specific aspects of the class together. However, life sometimes serves up curve balls and people take longer than the 6 weeks. You get lifetime access to all of your lessons and you can join future group sessions as you are able so you don’t lose your work already accomplished.
Can I join if I have an existing website?

Absolutely! We will put together a redesign plan in this circumstance, where you will learn how to bring your legacy content forward into the new site. You will also learn how to upgrade themes from your old environment to the new so all situations are covered!

What if I want to stay with my existing host?

The Create Your Website Master Class supports only our preferred hosts: Siteground and WPXHosting, as not all hosting environments are made equal. If you want to retain your current hosting, your coach will examine your hosting package and make a recommendation on how to proceed. If your coach determines your hosting environment is not suitable we cannot accommodate you in the Master Class.

What if I change my mind which class I want to take?

If you decide another design is more suited to your project, you can switch designs in week one. By the end of week one, you will need to commit to a look and feel for the rest of the project in order to be aligned with your lesson plans and classmates. You can always talk to your coach to make the current environment fit your needs more closely, as a huge amount of customization is available in all themes.

What about stuff like SEO and eCommerce?

We touch on all the basics in the Create Your Website Master Class – you will learn on-page SEO and get a feel for the world of selling online. If you want a deeper dive than the first Master Class offers, we are planning on offering Master Classes on the following topics: “On-Page and Off-Page SEO”, “Selling With WooCommerce”, “Landing Pages & Sales Funnels” and “Social Media Mastery”. Talk to your coach to learn more about these classes!

You will have the keys to the car! Get ready to drive!

Adding content to your website is the gasoline that drives the engine of natural search. You will learn how to take care of the basic tasks related to your business and not be at the mercy of your webmaster’s schedule anymore. (And I should know, since I am a webmaster!) This allows you to truly use your website as a vehicle for growth, and this is the power I want to give to all of my clients! Will you need your webmaster on occasion? Absolutely! But only when it matters most, not for the simple stuff. Just like you don’t need a mechanic to help you put your keys in the ignition!


Knowing how to take care of your website is like having a car in the driveway that you can access anytime and that can take you where you want to go. Most websites sit neglected and don’t contribute to the bottom line of the business. Yours is going to help take you somewhere.


When you know how to take care of your website, suddenly opportunities to increase your revenue and serve your clients / customers come to you. And you will know how to capitalize on these opportunities because you will be able to use your website and take advantage of them.


Once you know how much your website could be doing to increase your bottom line, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to do without one! Just like the freedom you felt when you first got your driver’s license, you will learn the online world enables you to get to your destination!

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