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I’ve been building websites for many years now (19 years as of the summer of 2017) and I’ve noticed a pattern over the years. In particular, looking at my small businesses clients, the ones who have many roles to fill and no staff dedicated to working on a website — the ones who succeeded most at having their websites work well for them were those who learned how to manage basic updating, blog entries and maintenance. The others have websites that have sat stale for many years since I last touched them and of course, these clients don’t think their website does much for them so they dedicate no resources to updating. That’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy!

So, rather than build websites that might never be updated again, I leverage my time and teach my clients how to take care of their sites in order to maximize their return on investment, helping them get the most from those sites!

I look forward to your success!

Irene Fulton

Web Developer, Life and Business Coach



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Irene’s 19 years of experience has seen her work on a variety of projects and in a wealth of business niches, including Senior Developer roles with the federal government. This experience will help you get to the heart of the matter on what content to add to your site, what kind of growth plan will enable your website attract clients, and how to use everything from autoresponders, client relationship management systems, help desk systems, ecommerce applications, sales funnels, funnel integrations and their platforms, and much more.

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